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Winter Tyres – Supplied and Fitted



Turnpike tyres supply and fit all makes and size of winter tyre.

What is the main difference between all-weather tyres and winter tyres?
1. Although all-season tyres are designed to help provide grip in wet and snowy conditions, winter tyres are specifically designed with the use of tread to help gain control in these types of conditions.
2. Winter tyres have specifically formulated tread rubber that maintains flexibility at lower temperatures for better vehicle control whereas all-season tyres tend to be softer in hotter conditions, giving there optimal performance in hotter weather.


FAST DELIVERY – Please call or message us with your specific winter tyre requirements- We can have your tyres delivered to us within 24 hours!


We pride ourselves in fitting the correct / safest way, we do not cut corners: All fitted tyres include:
– New balance weights
– New valve (unless manufactures valve monitor)
– All Remnant of beading is removed from every wheel before fitting to ensure the new tyre is seated properly
– Bead seal is used if required at no extra cost
– Wear check – we can advise if the tyre wear is even or the vehicle needs the tracking adjusted
– Separate corner and chassis jacks are used (auto inflation can cause damage to under tray and exhaust)
– All wheel nuts are tightened using a torque wrench and tightened to the manufactures specifications
– All used tyres are recycled
– Each tyre is inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressure


Telephone us today (we need your exact tyre size to give you an accurate quote) 01329 280 261


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